Friday, November 30, 2007

Long time no post!

I haven't posted since November 7th!! I've been knitting a lot this month. Since my last post, I've finished:

1 baby sock
AG doll cardigan
AG doll shrug
9 patch dishcloth
Falling Water Scarf for my AG doll

I'll have pics up tomorrow, I have to charge the batteries for my camera.

I just entered this contest: It is a contest for her 300th post! The prizes are pretty neat.

I'm a little farther on my Wicked sweater. I have one round left of shaping and then I enter Stockinette Island where I get to just knit, knit, knit for 11 inches or possibly longer because short shirts bother the crap out of me ugh!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Does anyone know how to do a contrasting heel on a sock and then get back to using the first color? On my baby socks I turned the heel with some dark blue yarn but now I want to use the light blue yarn again but it is way back by the cuff.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ballband Dishcloth in One Day!

Yesterday sometime around noon I cast on for a ballband dishcloth using maroon and cream colored Peaches N Cream yarn. I finished it last night. That's a record for me. I just kept knitting and suddenly I was done. Of course, the ballband dishcloth is a very simple pattern, but still. Now I am making a Woozy cloth in Victorian Christmas Peaches N Cream. I love this stitch pattern! It is so cool looking. Sometime I am going to have to make the Breeze socks from knitty. They have the stitch pattern in the Woozy cloth, except on a sock! I'm trying to get my WIP count down to about two projects but I have about five right now haha.

Wicked sweater

Baby Socks

Mini Christmas Stocking

American Girl Doll Cardigan
70% (Stuck on Sleeve Island with this one and worrying about whether it will fit my AG doll -- I have Molly.)

Woozy Cloth
30% (I did the first 13 rows tonight.)

A few months ago I found the Quinn bag pattern, but I was like ZOMG SO MANY CABLES ACK! But now, I really want to make it. We'll see if I get any money for Christmas so I could buy yarn for it at my LYS. Then I would probably bring it to school, except they probably wouldn't like it. My school has this really stupid rule that says you can't carry any bags or purses that are big enough to hold a textbook, but people do anyway. They cracked down on it a few weeks ago, but now people are still bringing big purses. My purse right now is this one in Capri Melon. Like a ton of people have vera bradley purses at my school. ANYWAY, I don't think a 9" square purse could hold a normal sized textbook.