Sunday, December 9, 2007

Almost done w/ the baby sock

I just finished the gusset decreases on baby sock #2. Hopefully I will finish it tonight but that probably won't happen. I will for sure finish it tomorrow. This sock went much faster than the first one. I only had to frog this one once, after the first row because I cast on 90 stitches instead of 88. The first sock I had to frog at least three times because I messed up. Actually I had to frog the heel flap numerous times because the heel wasn't turning out right. Turns out, for some reason I had one less stitch on the heel flap than I needed. So I just did a M1 and it solved all my problems. I even did the toe and kitchenered it at the lys knit night the other week! pretty neat! I'll have pics tonight or tomorrow I promise.

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