Saturday, June 14, 2008


Summer is awesome for knitting time! In the past four days I've finished three dishcloths! I made a turtle dishcloth, garterlac dishcloth, and a flower dishcloth. I only have a pic of one of them because I was busy all day and didn't get a chance to take pictures when the light was good in the afternoon. It was too nice out to be inside taking pics of dishcloths. :) For once it felt like summer and the sun was shining and there were no clouds! It keeps raining and raining and storming and raining and it's a little annoying. grr.

I'll have a better picture of this tomorrow.

I was really happy on Thursday because I went to see what I got on my chemistry final and I got a B on it which meant that my grade for chemistry was an A-! I was really happy about that becaus earlier in the quarter I had an 83 but then I did a whole bunch of extra credit and worked hard and bumped it up to a 93 for 4th quarter but the semester average was like 91 or 92. :)

My current wip is the Baby Bolero from the book One Skein. When it is more finished I'll take a pic of it. It's not much right now. :)

I named the turtle on my turtle dishcloth Timothy. ;) On Thursday night I went to bed at 11:30pm and woke up at 10:30am! I was really tired apparently.

For WWKIP day, I knit on the flower dishcloth in a coffeeshop! I also knit at a party. ;)

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