Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sock and Calla Lily (real lilies too!)

Ten minutes ago (or less, I'm not really counting) I finished my Calla Lily! I ignored it for a year because I was confused about the short rows. I was working on it until 2am last night (haha) and also this afternoon and I finished it. :)

I also have a picture of Monkey #1 and Monkey #2!

I also have real lilies to show you! The picture is before they bloomed but when I go outside later I'll take pics of them open. They are Oriental Plum lilies and we got them last year from a local flower/garden shop (caan's floral). :) I have Stargazer lilies too but they haven't bloomed yet.

This is our basil plant that we got from the same place as the plum lilies. I think we need to make pesto again! Last time we made pesto it about wiped out all the leaves. It looked like a charlie brown christmas tree. ;) We're also growing cilantro and mint.