Friday, August 3, 2007

Dishcloths and Sock

I redid the Wisconsin dishcloth pattern with cotton yarn just so I could see if it would look better since I can knit better now. I ran out of the purple yarn halfway through so I switched to robin's egg blue yarn.

I'm on to the foot of my sock. I've been procrastinating and starting other projects so I am still on the first sock of the pair.

In April I made a dishcloth for a yahoo group called Monthly Dishcloths. It is called Diamond Drop Lace and mine looked completely different from everyone elses. Today I redid a little bit of the pattern in pink/white yarn. I got a big (12oz) skein of it at Michaels for $2! It still doesn't look perfect but it looks better.

the blueish one is the one I did in April.

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