Friday, August 24, 2007

I finished my socks!

I finished the second sock yesterday! It fits perfectly like the first one does. The stripes on them match almost exactly. Today I also knitted a mini sock out of my sock yarn since I have a lot left. It is so cute and I finished it when we were at Applebees for supper since it can fit in my purse.

I also made an apple. I still need to make an icord stem out of brown yarn but it is otherwise done. The pattern is from here: apple

My sister just learned how to crochet! Today she made a little bird. The pattern is from here: bird
We went to Michaels twice today! The first time was to get a size G crochet hook and size 6 needles. Then later we found the other G crochet hook that we thought was lost. The second time was to get an F crochet hook and plastic googly eyes for the birds my sister is crocheting.

I also have a little bit on my Cascade Fixation ankle socks.
If anyone saw the last post before I deleted it, I was in a really bad mood when I posted it. I was mad because I was having problems with my sock. I thought it was long enough to start the toe decreases but it wasn't so I had to frog it a bit. I got it all figured out though. Then I didn't know where my camera was so I couldn't take pics of my socks.

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alexandra said...

look at that apple! SO CUTE! and from my pattern! I'm honored!

thanks, peach