Saturday, April 19, 2008

hotel crap

I don't like hotels because my dad snores a lot while he sleeps and it is nearly impossible to sleep (for me anyway - I like it dark and silent when I sleep at night.) But the breakfast is good. They have a waffle maker!

The hotel we're in doesn't let children swim after 10pm. After 10pm only adults can swim in the pool. So we were at a wedding part of the afternoon and the whole evening and we didn't get back to the hotel UNTIL 10pm and last night they let my sister and I swim. Today the person at the front desk told us we couldn't swim because we were "children" which is pretty stupid because my sister is 18 and I'm 16. :( So I'm really angry and I didn't get a chance to relax in the pool after the wedding. :(

We went to a yarn shop today called Just A Little Something. I got a skein of Cascade 220 in the color Cream. I'm going to dye it w/ kool aid! I would have bought some Lorna's Laces or the Dream in Color that I saw but my dad probably wouldn't have wanted to pay that much. ;)

I finished my sock yesterday! It fits great and I just finished the ribbing on the second sock. I was too angry to work on it tonight and I didn't have any mindless projects in the hotel room. I left my nest tote in the car so I couldn't work on the straps. I also finished a crochet owl and a crochet ladybug. It has a head now!

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