Sunday, April 20, 2008


I just got back from my trip about 20 minutes ago and now they decide to put Ravelry down for an hour so they can put in a new server! I can understand that a new server will be good for Ravelry but I've been in a car for the second half of the day so I'm a little peeved. Also I was trying to work on my sock and I kept screwing up. -.- But I did get to go shopping at Aeropostale today. I got a green polo shirt and a pink tank top and they were on sale for $5.99 each and this was in MN so no sales tax. pretty sweet!

For breakfast we ate at this Pannekoeken restaurant and I got a strawberry pannekoeken. It's funny because when they bring you the pannekoeken they shout, "Pannekoeken! Pannekoeken!" It was yummy. :) (a pannekoeken is kind of like a Dutch pancake)

In the afternoon we went to a state park. I forgot what it was called but it was really pretty and it had bluffs and a river. There were these really cute flowers on the side of the trail called Hepatica. It was 75 degrees in western WI and eastern MN but as we travelled back to east WI, it got colder and colder. Right now it is 51 degrees. I wore my bermuda shorts and flipflops and no sweater and I was fine. It was awesome!

Oh and my sister and I swam in the hotel pool this morning. I still think that's a stupid rule. They probably thought we were younger than we actually are because we are short. :)

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