Thursday, August 28, 2008


This week is the county fair and I entered my Wicked sweater, Foliage hat, Saucy socks, and cabled mittens and they all got blue ribbons so if anyone lives near me you should go to Sheboygan county fair and look in the 4h building and look at my stuff. :) Also if you take a peek in the lower barn (older one) and look at the very last stall on the right, you can see my horseless horse groom coach's horse and a pic of me on the stall. :)

Also I entered a poem that I wrote in the 4h creative writing contest and it got first place in the 9-13 category! I got $20 and here's the poem:

As the afternoon
Wanes, the sky grows darker and
The golden sun falls.

Dark shadows are cast
Distorted by the setting
Of the blinding sun.

The sky transforms to
A dazzling rainbow full of
Crimson and azure.

A reflection glows
On the aquamarine lake,
Rippling and shining.

Twilight arrives and
Stars emerge in the heavens
Twinkling vibrantly.

Night has arrived, and
The full moon is luminous,
Contrasting with sky.



Wayyyyy to go Emily!! congratulations on all your ribbons and your blog is wonderful!! I love all your projects and your pictures of flowers.

LDSVenus said...

Congratulations!!! It's always such an ego booster to win at the fair :). It's nice to see someone so young (I know you aren't that young to you, but to me you are ;P) enjoy knitting. Now you just need to learn spinning so you can make your own yarn ;). Congratulations also on your poem, it is beautiful. :)