Monday, March 24, 2008


My birthday was today (technically yesterday but oh well). I made carrot cake and we had penne with homemade marinara sauce for lunch today. I got legos (yes I'm a dork), $20 Barnes & Noble gift card, I get to go shopping at Delia's, a lemonade vitamin water <3, and cosmos seeds. Then I got $40 tonight when I went to my aunt's house for Easter. I'm going yarn shopping on Thursday! Yay! The carrot cake was really good. The recipe is Sam's Famous Carrot Cake from I have this whole week off for spring break! It's awesome. I'm a little over halfway done with the prayer shawl. I'll probably finish it this week because I don't have anything else to do during spring break because my sister would be home but she is in Biloxi, MS on some kind of mission trip thing.
It sucked today because it snowed! I hate snow in March, especially on my birthday. >:(


Rachel said...

Happy birthday! Have fun yarn shopping! Sorry about the snow - I normally lovelovelove snow, being a skier/snowboarder, but by this time of year, I've given up on there being enough left for that, so I just want it all to GO AWAY! I want it to be nice out so I can hang out listening to music and doing my homework on the deck! I want it to be iced lemonade weather! In short, I agree...:)

Rosy said...

Happy belated-birthday! hehe! You're party sounded like tons of fun and the gifts sound awesome too! Oh, and your carrot cake sounds sooooo yummy!!