Friday, March 14, 2008


I started this post last week but never finished it but I'll post it now. I wrote it last Friday.

For some reason, the cuff on the sleeve on my sweater is taking forever! I keep messing up even though the stitch pattern is simple!

Yesterday I went to the Milwaukee Admirals hockey game with the band because we were playing pep band at it. It was pretty fun but also aggravation since I had no time to do anything I actually wanted to do, like knit. I did have a tuna sub from Subway when I got home from school though. It was tuna, spinach, tomato, provolone, and mayo. It was delicious!

I was also mad on Tuesday because my chemistry homework was taking forever and I didn't start it right after school like I probably should have. Then I had to cook my supper (2 egg omelet and I also heated up a little bit of pasta leftovers from this amazing Italian restaurant in my town (Il Ritrovo)). Then I had a 4H meeting which was only 1/2 hour long by itself, but then we played Telephone for 1/2 hour and I wasn't just going to go home without playing games with them. I'm antisocial enough as it is! I think I also had algebra homework. And my chemistry book is online and an actual book but I never bring the book home. My internet kept dying. So I didn't have any time to knit on Tuesday.

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